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Celltrac Pro: Programmable 12 Channel Cell Counter with USB output.

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Programmable 12 Channel Differential Cell Counter

  • Program Patient/Sample ID (up to 10 Alpha Numerical characters)
  • Program Custom Key labels (4 Character Alpha Numerical tag)
  • External Pulse input counting mode
  • 2 * 8 Character LCD Display
  • Fast USB Data Output to a printer/PC (USB cable included)
  • Memory: Stores up to 92 Data sets in EPROM (until manually cleared down)
  • AC/DC Mains Adaptor & 9v Battery (Included) full portability
  • Menu to adjust LCD contrast / Sounder- beeps / Cell key naming / Memory clear-down
  • 12 cell counting keys (10 Summing + 2 Non Summing)
  • Ability to subtract following an error, 
  • Add or subtract cell clusters.
  • Display current cell total and running totals at any point during the count
  • Warning bleeps when approaching 100 cells, or multiples
  • Low battery indicator 
  • 2 “non-summing” keys to record nucleated red cells or similar
  • number of “non-summing” keys can be increased or decreased 
  • Cell labels assigned for standard leucocyte differentials.
  • Total leucocyte count can also be entered so that each cell type is reported in absolute numbers as well as percentages.
  • "CE"  Marking

    Celltrac:Is classified within the EU as an In-Vitro Diagnostic Medical Device and is "CE" marked in accordance with the 98/79 EU Directive for IVD's

    Registered with MHRA(UK) & AFSSAPS(French) Notifying bodies.

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