How does it work?
Maintenance Tips

The Nitrachek is a very sensitive instrument and should therefore kept clean and the Photo Diode & LED surfaces free of debris.

Example of poorly maintained Op-to read head: (With strip carrier removed)

Located on the left hand side of the Op-To read head, this image shows the Photo-diode surface covered in debris/ solution usually resulting in an ERR message. The Surfaces of the Photo diode & the LEDs should be cleaned reguarly using the cleaning brush supplied or cotton buds & distilled water.  DO NOT USE SOLVENTS!


                                                  Maintenance Tips  

To ensure consistent results & long life of your Nitrachek Meter always:

Photo-Diode & LED surfaces: Clean these carefully & thoroughly after each use. These surfaces can be cleaned using the brush provided & any stubborn residue can be removed using a cotton bud & Distilled water DO NOT use solvents / cleaning agents.

Test Strips: Store refrigerated (unopened) once opened store in a cool dry place.

Checker (White/Grey) strip: Record the reading (both ends) when you 1st use your meter. this can be used to check the calibration of your instrument a later date. Use the strip a few times prior to taking any readings this will prepare the meter & lead to more consistent readings

Nitra-Test strips "shake off vigorously" any excess solution prior to inserting into meter, this again will lead to more consistent results and reduce residue onto Photo-Diode/LEDs.